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By Joyce McFadden
Energized to meet their customers' needs, the Thayer sisters have come up with an exciting idea to please your palate.
Have you been wondering what to serve for dinner? Tired of the same old thing? Margaret Mary and Maureen Thayer of Thayer's Select Meats have the answer. Marinated meats bursting with flavor are ready for your grill or oven!
Thayer's Select Meats, located in the Pleasant Valley Shopping Center, does the work for you. Everyday, beef, pork and poultry are marinated in any of 7 different flavors and packaged for sale.
Entertaining Japanese style? Try the Teriyaki pork or beef. Enjoy Italy? Try the Italian chicken or beef. Having a quiet evening at home by the fire? You can't beat their lemon pepper chicken or pork. Or try these other flavors: Garlic Pepper, Butter Garlic, Cajun, and Oriental, with no MSG.
It all started when a salesmen brought in the new vacuum tumbler to show to the sisters. The newly invented machine marinates 25 pounds of meat in a 20 minute span that is equal to 48 hours of marinating the old fashioned way. Thayer's is the first meat market in the Cleveland-Akron area to invest in this equipment.
The marinated meats have become so popular that the machine is running almost constantly, and you can see it working when you enter the store. The added feature is that by marinating in just 20 minutes instead of 48 hours, your meat is fresher when you eat it - certainly a matter of importance in today's world.
If you want a special cut of meat marinated in any of the 7 flavors, call ahead at 842-1137 and they'll have it waiting for you. When you are done trying all the 7 flavors of marinated pork, beef or chicken, try the homemade stuffed cabbage or stuffed boneless chicken breast.
Constantly trying to bring new ideas to the consumer, Thayer's just installed a rotisserie oven, so they can offer rotisserie chicken cooked on the premises. The chickens are 4 lbs of plump, juicy Gerber chickens. They sell out so fast that you might want to call ahead to have them hold one for you.
The business started back in 1966 by their father, Robert Thayer, Margaret Mary and Maureen are proud to keep the family tradition of excellence going. These are caring professionals who'll gladly answer any questions...even provide valuable cooking tips and recipes!
Every day, fresh meat arrives. Their meat cutters, Cory Zahand for 15 years and Stanley Wykowski for 20 years, have both been providing cuts of meats of your choice. Margaret Mary stated "Most supermarkets get their beef boxed and already cut. But not us. We still get the old-fashion hanging beef which is Choice USDA inspected and of the highest quality".
"Our store is spotless." stated Maureen. "In fact, in a recent Inspection Report by the Ohio Dept of Agriculture, Division of Foods, Dairies and Drugs, Thayer's Select Meats got a perfect score! The inspectors stated it was very rare for a meat market or grocery store to obtain this achievement". Nest time you are in the store, take a moment to stop and read the report hanging on the wall.
Thayer's Select Meats caries over 200 cuts of meat in their 80 ft fresh meat counter, enough to keep any cook busy in the kitchen. However, they do carry other things, such as;
Seafood - frozen is always available but fresh can be ordered and it can be ready in 24 hours. Tis the season for clams and just about everybody gets their clams at Thayer's. They have a special where they offer the clams, chicken and steaks at a discount price for the occasion. Spiral sliced boneless hams are always available, too. An added touch is the wonderful selection of special occasion Sarah Lee cakes in the cooler for your pleasure.
The Thayer sisters love their work. They have been raised in the business since they were 12 years old. "We work hard, and it's rewarding", stated Margaret Mary. "Our employees rely on us. The store is open 6 days a week and one of us is always here." Their teamwork is unmatched in the business world.
The busiest season at Thayer's is Christmas. It is 10 times bigger than any other season for them. On Christmas Eve alone they have 1000 customers. During that time they specialize in beef tenderloin and standing rib roasts and sell over 10,000 lbs of homemade kielbasa.
Of course, Thanksgiving is a blockbuster. Every year they sell at least 1200 fresh, never frozen turkeys, straight from the farm. To add to that, Maureen and Margaret Mary make homemade stuffing in their back room and sell it by the pound to add to your turkey. Turkey orders must be in by November 23 for a select size.
Holiday time or anytime, party trays are festive, and Thayer's brag that they make the best, loaded with plenty of meat and cheese, and of course, their in-store baked bread. Gift packages are fun for Thayer's and perfect for businesses. It can be turkeys, hams or create your own and they will gift box it.
Thayer's Select Meats is open year round. They are open six days a week; Monday thru Wednesday 9AM - 5:30PM., Thursday 9AM - 6PM., Friday 8AM - 8PM and Saturday 8AM - 5:30PM They are located in the Pleasant Valley Shopping Center at the corner of Broadview Road and Pleasant Valley Road. Phone 842-1137 or fax 842-8187.
Stop in and try a new flavor everyday of marinated meats.

Thayer's Meats in the Pleasant Valley Shopping Center has all your Bar-B-Q needs, featuring the finest quality in fresh meats and deli foods. Thayer's is truly an "old-fashioned" butcher shop. If you were to sneak a peak into the coolers, you would see the aged hind-quarters and fore-quarters of their beef (Mahan Packing, Bristolville, Ohio). The highly-skilled, experienced meat-cutters, "are the very best anywhere in the Cleveland area" says Margaret Mary and Maureen Thayer. You can see the pride Stan Wykowski, Emil Rucky, Kevin Flanigan, Jan Rakoczy, James Gosselin have in their work by the display of the 80 foot counter of picture perfect, custom-cut fresh meat and deli items.
Thayer's Select Meats offers the highest quality of USDA Choice Porterhouse, T-Bone, boneless Rib-Eye, boneless New York Strip, Sirloin and Beef Tenderloin -- Filet Mignon. All are cut throughout the day to guarantee freshness. Of course, Thayer's will custom cut as requested to achieve customer satisfaction. Thayer's is also well known for their superb, highest quality pork, Daisyfield Pork (Sandusky, Ohio) known for young, tender, succulent chops, roast, blade cuts, bacon and ribs.
Thayer's Meats features one of the largest counter displays of Gerber Poultry (Kidron, Ohio) with whole broilers, roasters, whole bone-in breast, whole legs, wings, drumettes, and boneless, skinless chicken breasts. Every 1st Friday and Saturday of the month, Thayer's has the boneless, skinless breasts on special - $1.99 lb - $2.49 lb for a 5 lb bag (regular price is $3.99).
The full deli is stock for your every need for lunches and picnics: meats, cheeses, in-store baked bread, a large variety of sausage - fresh and smoked. German franks, red hot sausage links, Slovenian links, knockwurst, smoked kielbasa, bratwurst, plus many different types of wieners. Knowing we all need more than meat on our plates, Diana Kershner and Louise Park prepare daily a large selection of homemade salads in Thayer's kitchen: homemade salads, cole-slaw, broccoli salad, Italian pasta salad, macaroni salad, garden salad, fruit salad, tuna and chicken salad, ham salad, egg salad and cabbage and noodles. Don't forger Grandmas homemade old-fashioned potato salad.
Thayer's Meats, famous for their " The Big Bob Burger" named after Robert Thayer (founder), is ground fresh daily using extra lean ground chuck. Extra lean sirloin patties are also available.
Summer is here and the living is easy. Your next Bar-B-Q will be very easy with Thayer's specialty grill favorites: beef and chicken shish-kabobs, sirloin patties, baby back ribs, steaks galore, Iowa pork chops (2-inch thick, center cut loin chops). A must try are the marinated beef, pork and chicken in many flavors, such as butter garlic, lemon pepper, oriental, Italian, herb, teriyaki, burgundy, pepper, Bar-B-Q and Cajun.
With much confidence in Margaret Mary and Maureen, two of his six daughters, Bob Thayer was able to retire in 1990, knowing the business is in fully capable hands. Thayer's Select Meats in conveniently located to Gazette readers in the Pleasant Valley Shopping Center at 7520 Broadview Road, Parma next to Marc's. Hours are: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm; Thursday 9:00 am - 6:00 pm; Friday 8:00am - 8:00 pm; and Saturday 8:00 am - 5:30 pm. Call (440) 842-1137.