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Bob Thayer Maureen Thayer Margeret Mary Thayer
One day back in 1965, Robert W. Thayer took a long look at his wife and five young daughters and decided that the only way to feed his growing family was to open his own meat market.  A year later on May 6, 1966, Thayer's Select Meats was born.  In April of 1967, his sixth daughter was born - who now after many years, is the sole proprietor.
Of course, the meat business was nothing new to Bob, whose introduction to the industry came when he was only twelve years old.  When he opened Thayer's Select Meats in 1966, it was a result of over twenty years experience in the business.
Bob's third daughter Margaret Mary worked side by side with her dad for many years until he retired in 1990.  A year before, daughter number six graduated from Ashland College with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and Sociology, and could not decide what to do with her life.  At this time, daughter number six - Maureen - decided it would be a great idea to join the family business with her sister Margaret Mary.  They had many great years together, but in 2010 Margaret Mary had to retire for medical reasons, making Maureen sole proprietor.
Bob and his daughters' philosophy is simple: take care of customers like they're family.  That meant providing the best quality meats, good prices and exceptional service.
It is this philosophy coupled with our many loyal customers, (generation after generation,) and friends that has made Thayer's Select Meats such a huge success.
You'll find expert meat cutters and caring professionals who'll gladly answer any question... even provide valuable cooking tips and recipes!